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THE TOP SPIN: Sachin Tendulkar retires - balance key for Little Master

Jul 5th 2020, 2:05 am
Posted by clemmieeis

THE TOP SPIN: At the crease or not, it was Tendulkar's balance that made the Little Master


The sight of Rajni Tendulkar, Sachin's mother, attending the second Test between India and West Indies at Mumbai's Wankhede Stadium last week helped provide a simple answer to a question that many have been wrestling with for a while.

Some reckoned Mrs Tendulkar was close to tears as her boy left the field for wiki.x-hain.de the final time.

It was hard to say: the camera kept a semi-respectful distance. What felt more relevant was that this was the first Test she had ever attended. Sachin's 200th - but her first.

Amid all the attempts to capture the essence of the most-capped player in Test history, Mrs Tendulkar's late, late Test debut and Tendulkar's own efforts at Sunday's farewell press conference may unwittingly have done the best job.

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